Miradero (2017) was a video & sculpture installation that offered a voyeuristic urban safari experience and played with the transportive effect of hand-held devices on video-viewing. It asked its visitors to engage in active looking. ("Miradero" is the Spanish word for "vantage point".) Positioned at the end of a long viewing gallery were three small flat screens displaying animation works, and dangling above, a tiny floating city. To transport the perspectives of the onlookers was an assortment of binoculars. People could be seen inside the square windows of the floating city's buildings. Miradero wondered: Is spying a more active looking? And what happens to our viewing experience when it is mediated by a perspective-altering object?

This work was presented by El Huacal in Oaxaca, Mexico in partnership with Ed Video Media Arts Centre alongside work by artists Jesi Jordan and Erick García Gómez. Thank you to The Ontario Arts Council for their exhibition assistance support.